Saturday, 29 August 2009

Stash raid and a mini project :)

Hobbycraft Nottingham is 40 minutes' drive away (and a really nice drive too). I had vouchers. I now have about enough stash to keep me going for a year.

Also, tulip.
Done in Anchor variegated threads on 32 count Belfast linen and mounted in a Framecraft handbag mirror.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Cards for Andy and Giza


Done with badly-behaved stranded silks (they wouldn't separate), well-behaved white Madeira silk, lovely Madeira silver metallic, DMC gold metallic, DMC satin thread, and some bitty bows. On 6 count aida, which was a lot of fun to work with.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Stuff I want to do in cross stitch

The wedding anniversary sampler from Jo Verso's book, as and when I remarry.
An advent calendar for every child I have. Hopefully a different one for every kid, they should be individual for them.
A birth sampler for every child I have. One for a daughter might well be Tatty Teddy in a pink jumper, as featured in a magazine last month. Very cute. Name at the top, date of birth at the bottom, would be good.
The pancake day sampler from, just because I really like it.
A 12 days of Christmas sampler.
Many many cards for many many people.
Some kind of pac man cross stitch, with which to indulge my inner geek.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Birthday present for Mal

I made this for Mal's 25th birthday, which is tomorrow. Stitched mostly on my lunch breaks, but finished at home tonight. The dragon's belly and spines are Madeira silk, the backstitch is DMC satin thread. The main body green is generic Chinese brand.


Monday, 25 May 2009

Card for Alison


I bought the cards because they were on sale, and for once I actually planned which card I would put this in before I made it! Writing put together with the aid of

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Framed Obama :)

I framed him today :)


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mitten exchange

Stitched for a forum exchange and made into a scissor keep because it was about all I could think of! I had to use a size 26 needleon this because it was a particularly tight weave on the fabric, I don't know if it's rustico aida - it was just what I had in my stash.


For my dad, just because it seemed like an appropriate gift for a professor of american studies who's made politics, particularly elections, his speciality for roughly my whole life.

Tiny bluetit

Worked on 28 count over 1, in half cross stitch to give it that lovely fluffy look. At the time, I wanted a challenge.

That's a size 24 needle he's next to.

Get well card

For my parter's mum who was in hospital at the time. It's amazing what something as innocent as taking ibuprofen when you have an upset stomach can do.

A partridge in a pear tree

I have all 12 days of Christmas to make this series, I've only yet done this one. One of these days I'll do the rest.

4 seasons

An older piece of work, recently remounted and looking much better now.

Winnie the Pooh

Heather-at-work is pregnant, due in July 2009, and doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl. Her older daughter, Kacie, already has a stitched Piglet on her wall. If she has a son, she'd like a picture of Pooh for him.

A coaster for me

Because it was too cute not to!

A gift for a friend

Georgina-at-work is Irish, she was having a really hard time with work being ridiculously busy, her father had not long died unexpectedly, and it was St Patrick's day. This seemed appropriate to me and was very well-received.

"A stitch in time"

I sent pictures of this into CrossStitcher, as they printed the chart, and they're going to publish it.

My biscornu

I designed this, specifically for the buttons I used.

The smallest baby sampler in the world ever

For Kerry and Richard's daughter, Evangeline Briony Clements.

Family Christmas presents 2008

Coasters for all!

Jackie and David

Nana and Ralph

Jane and Peter

John and Lydia


Christmas pictures - 2008

Santa for the front door

Five little Mousloft projects which I displayed as pictures

3 year anniversary card for Gray

A star for every year we've been together, and a star for the year to come.

"Home sweet home"

For Andy and Kiley, for the Christmas after they moved in together. They broke up shortly after. Andy still has the sampler.

Nicholls family sampler

A Christmas present to my parter's mum, 2008, after all the kids had moved out.

Name plates

My partner has a couple of cousins, sisters named Lynda and Julie. I made these for their daughters.

Lauren is Julie's oldest child.

Imogen is Lauren's younger sister.

Emily is Lynda's daughter.

Happy birthday cake band

Originally used for Dad's birthday cake; used on regular occasions since then for other birthdays! It machine washes easily, and isn't even backed.

"Home sweet home"

For my partner's sister Helen on the event of her moving into her flat.

Dad's other present

This one waited for Dad here until he got home.

Dad's 60th birthday presents (given on his brithday courtesy of Andy)

Dad spent his 60th birthday in the USA. I gave these to him on the day with Andy's help.

Betty's birthday card

On her 102nd birthday.